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Buried deep within the psyche of mankind is a desire to reach out and touch the heavens. To seek knowledge and understanding of whom and what we are, of where we are going and from where we have come. It is the voice from deep within and its name is CURIOSITY It drives us forward on an unending journey of discovery to explore and experience this amazing universe of which we are truly a part. For every fibre of our being, every molecule, every atom where forged in the furnace of every star that shines in the velvet blackness of a darkened sky. Come join us on our journey

Peter Struve Club Chairman

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NGC 346 in the Small Megallanic Cloud
NASA, ESA and A. Nota (STScl) STScl-PRC-04

The Hubble Space Telescope:
Nebula Collection

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Alien or otherwise!
Spiral Galaxy M100
Whirlpool Galaxy M51
and companion
Jupiter's new red spot
From the Hubble Space Telescope
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