The Partial Solar Eclipse Thursday 10 June 2021

































Avebury Manor National Trust

Credit: Rob Slack

Thursday, 10th June, 2021, the eagerly anticipated partial eclipse of the sun was initially mared by extensive cloud cover, however, breaks in the cloud did appear and this resulted in some spectacular views of the partial eclipse.

First contact - Credit: Peter Chappell

Full partial - Credit: Peter Chappell

Our persistence and patience was about to be well rewarded. For not more than a few minutes before first contact was due to take place, the clouds thinned. . Rob worked frantically to get the scope onto the Sun. This proved quite difficult, for without much sunlight to cast shadows, there was nothing for Rob to cue from to line the scope up on. But eventually the scope was lined up and the motor drive engaged.

So, all those present were able to behold some great views of the partial eclipse through various telescopes.

In partnership with the National Trust - with thanks to all those who took part.

Credit: Malcolm Woods
Credit: Malcolm Woods

Credit: Peter Chappell