Rob Slack - Transit of Venus 2004
This was taken with my Helios, as with the others but with an early web cam, a Creative one I believe, before I moved onto the Philips ToUcam. I do remember this event quite well. I had booked the day off work. My collegues teased me about how it would be clouded out, how wrong they were. It was a fantastic day. So warm that I had to erect a little tent around the laptop, using a couple of patio chairs and a dust sheet and a desk top fan to keep the laptop cool! I popped back in doors a few times to watch it on TV as well, Adam Heart at Greenwich I think. I dont think we will get to see the next one from this country as the timing means it will be at night for us and certainly wont see the next one after that. I know it's a very rare event and I'm so glad the weather played ball just for once.