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Working with Marlborough Town Council & North Wessex Downs AONB
An Exhibition in the Town Hall - Saturday and Sunday 30th & 31st October, 2021
There were a wide variety of events and activities on offer, and the festival included an exciting programme of talks, workshops, children’s activities, and stargazing sessions. In addition, Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon was free to visit in St Michael and All Angels Chapel at Marlborough College.

The festival was organised in collaboration between Marlborough Town Council, North Wessex Downs AONB and Marlborough College.
Our Exhibition Stand
We were pleased to be offered a stand in the Town Hall on the Saturday and Sunday, where we exhibited meteorites along with a presentation of astrophotography by club members, it was also a good opportunity to advertise the benefits of belonging to the club. Rob Slack also demonstrated his Helios 200mm telescope, which was on show, to a number of parents and children.

Club members Dennis Golding, Rob Slack and Robin & Hilary Wilkey
Photo courtesy of Marlborough Town Council
The Helios 200mm Telescope
The picture shows Rob Slack's telescope that was easy to demonstrate to visitors, with Dennis Golding in the foreground.
Stargazing on the Common

Swindon Strargazers were asked to do stargazing sessions on Marlborough Common, a free event on the Friday and Saturday. However, the Friday night was cancelled due to inclement weather but the Saturday night was a great success with a steady stream of visitors and families. The visitors were treated to good views of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and the Andromeda Galaxy, as well as great views of the Milky Way and its star-rich arm stretched out across the dark sky.

Library picture - Credit: Rob Slack
Credit: Rob Slack
Marlborough News - report by Sue Round

Credit: Marlborough News

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