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Swindon Stargazers has been active for over 10 years, it was originally founded by Swindon resident Peter Struve in the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA) and was also chairman of the club until March 2019.

The club exists to promote the hobby of astronomy and meets once a month in a local village hall where invited speakers give talks on the many aspects of both observational and scholarly astronomy. The meetings also allow members to meet and socialise with like minded enthusiasts.

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Club Night
Member Stargazing
Members Stargazing

We meet up at club sites for visual and photographic stargazing

Club Nights
Club Nights

We entertain outstanding Guest Speakers every month (except July & August) who give talks on all things related to Astronomy & Space

Local Outreach

We run sessions and evenings at local Schools and Young People Clubs to enthuse them about Space

The Night Sky This Month

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