Club Activities

Star Party 2024
Star Party 2024
September 6-9 or 27-29 / 2024

Join Club Members for this year's Star Party at Rouselands Farm, near Brinkworth in Wiltshire. A great Dark Sky site with full facilities. Talk about astronomy, observe the skies and enjoy the fresh Wiltshire air!

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2024 Challenge - Lunar 100
All 2024

This year's challenge is to find and sketch or image all the lunar objects listed in the well known Lunar100 Challenge.
Club members send their contributions in and we track them on this page. Visit the page to see how we're doing!

Star Party 2023
Star Party 2023
October 2023

A full weekend of Astronomy! Members met for two nights in October and managed to image several objects and lots of visual astronomy. A refreshing and inspiring weekend.

Messier 33
2023 Challenge - Messier 100
All 2023

Club members were invited to sketch or image as many of the famous Messier 100 Deep Sky objects as possible during 2023. See how we did on this page!

Partial Eclipse
Eclipse Event
2022 Avebury Manor, Wiltshire

Tuesday, 25th October 2022, Club members gathered at Avebury Manor in Wiltshire to view the eclipse and share telescope views with members of the public.

Richard Jeffries Museum - Image courtesy of Richard Jefferies Museum
2022 Outreach - Richard Jefferies Museum
September 2022

The club was invited to provide a stand at the Museum's open day in Swindon where we engaged with visitors to talk about astronomy and space!

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