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Chairman: Peter Struve
Email: Peter Struve
Tel No: 01793 481547
Address: 3 Monkton Close, Park South, Swindon, SN3 2EU

Vice Chairman: Charles Vince FRAS
Email: Charles Vince
Tel No: 01793 534100
Address: 8 Kent Road, Swindon, SN1 3NJ

Secretary: Dr Bob Gatten PhD
Email: Bob Gatten
Tel No: 07913 335475
Address: 17, Euclid Street, Swindon, SN1 2JW

Treasurer: Malcolm Woods
Email: Malcolm Woods
Website Administrator: Robin Wilkey
Email: Robin Wilkey
Tel No: 07808 775630
Address: 61 Northern Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 1PD

Committee Members:

Patrick Clews

Hilary Wilkey


Background illustration: Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy
Courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope

Spiral Galaxy NGC 3372
(courtesy of Hubble Space Telescope)

Star Cluster NGC 290
(courtesy of Hubble Space Telescope)

Saturn, as it is often seen by enthusiasts
in Swindon (courtesy of Hubble Space Telescope)