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Welcome to the Club Noticeboard!

As the club is newly formed we would like to take this opportunity of welcoming new club members and to say that it is hoped that this area will be an opportunity for members to use freely. It can be used to:

- Exchange information about what's happening in astronomy in and around Swindon
- Be able to offer for sale second-hand products that they no longer use
- Perhaps to exchange books or magazines that they have finished with
- Offer tips and advice on star-gazing and viewing sites around Swindon
- Seek solutions from other members on problems to do with astronomy
- Advice sought on setting up and caliberating or collimating telescopes
- Seek advice on astro-photography from more experienced members

Using this notice board is easy, all you have to do is contact the website administrator on the email link below and send your information within the email. The website administrator will then decide on the best way to display or sell your item, but if you have any special instructions as well, please include them in your email. Photographs and illustrations can also be included, preferably around 100k in size.

Email the administrator: Robin Wilkey

Meade Series 5000 28mm/68 degree SWA 2" eyepiece
I have for sale this large ep, as good as new and comes with original dust caps and box. Was around £216 new but has now been replaced by the Maxivision by Explore Scientific at around £98. This is a heavy, bulky eyepiece weighing 534 grams. This eyepiece has a novel twist-up body so that the eyeguard is raised, keeping out any extranious light.

For LOCAL sale only - £70 ono. Contact: Robin Wilkey - Try before you buy offered!

Sky Watcher 2" Eyepiece , LET28

The Skywatcher 28mm LET 2" eyepiece is a modified Kellner with large eye lens, 20mm eye-relief and twist-up eyecup for comfortable viewing.
Prerequisite is a 2" focuser.

LET 28 advantages:
-- comfortable viewing position and adjustable eye relief
-- bright image by blackened interior and multi coatings
-- suitable for telescopes from f/5 and slower

Focal length : 28mm
Apparent field of view : 56°
Nosepiece : 2" with milled undercut and filter thread
Field stop diameter : 31mm
Number of elements : 3

For LOCAL sale only - £27. Contact: Robin Wilkey - Try before you buy offered!


Set of 4 Abbe Orthoscopic Eyepieces 1.25" fitting

I have a set of 4 ortho eyepieces for sale in the following focal lengths: 4.8mm, 7.7mm, 10.5mm, 16.8mm. These ep's are manufactured by Kson based in Guangdong, China, and were offered for sale for a very limited period in the UK.

Orthoscopic eyepieces are especially good for planetary and Moon observation, however, are noted for their narrower FOV, usually about 40° to 48°, but give good clear sharp contrasty images on-axis.

This set is for sale complete only - the ep's come in plastic bolt cases and boxes.

For LOCAL sale only - £60. Contact: Robin Wilkey - Try before you buy offered!

Orion Skyglow and Light Pollution Visual Filter - 1.25"

A good quality light pollution filter Catalogue No 05660, blocks typical mercury vapour light pollution whilst allowing all other wavelegnths to pass through. Packaged with transmission charts etc. 1.25" fitting.

For LOCAL sale only - £17. Contact: Robin Wilkey - Try before you buy offered!


Orion Hydrogen-Beta (H-Beta) Visual Filter - 2"
A Hydrogen-Beta telescope filter may be the only way to see the faint and elusive Horsehead, California, and Cocoon Nebulas. It blocks everything but the hydrogen-beta light these faint nebulas emit, providing the contrast needed for viewing

By isolating the hydrogen-beta spectral line centered at 486.1 nm in a 12nm band-pass and blocking other wavelengths, Orion's Hydrogen-Beta Telescope Filter effectively blackens the background sky, allowing the faint nebula to become clearly defined. It increases contrast even under dark skies so you can visually capture these prized targets. Use with a moderate to large aperture telescope under clear, dark viewing conditions. Threaded to fit 2" telescope eyepieces and telescope diagonals.

For LOCAL sale only - £60. Contact: Robin Wilkey - Try before you buy offered!

Other Visual Filters For Sale:

Baader Neutral Density Moon Filter ND 96 (0.9) - 13% light transmission - 1.25"

Baader Neutral Density Moon filters are multicoated, planoptically polished and genuinely neutral - they reduce brightness without affecting colour.

For LOCAL sale only - £25. Contact: Robin Wilkey - Try before you buy offered!

Baader Fringe Killer with IR cut - 1.25"

Baader's Fringe-Killer filter minimises unwanted blue/cyan fringing commonly seen through short-tube Chinese Achromat telescopes.

It is important to note all filters of this type impart a colour cast. Baader's use of DWDM plasma-assisted coating technology (which enables almost a hundred coating layers to be applied onto a planoptically polished substrate) keeps this cast to a minimum, but it remains noticeable.

For LOCAL sale only - £25. Contact: Robin Wilkey - Try before you buy offered!

Sky Watcher Visual OIII Filter 2"

The O-III narrowband filter is specially designed for the observation of diffuse and planetary nebulae.

The O-III narrow band-pass filter isolates just the two doubly ionized oxygen lines (496 and 501nm) emitted by diffuse, planetary and extremely faint nebulae.

O-III filters are best suited to telescopes of larger apertures and can produce near-photographic views of the Veil, Ring, Dumbbell, Orion and many other nebulae.

Effective under even heavily light-polluted skies!

For LOCAL sale only - £30. Contact: Robin Wilkey - Try before you buy offered!

Variable Polarising Visual Moon Filter - 1.25" and 2" available

This variable polarising filter made from anodised aluminium and optical glass allows you to progressively reduce the amount of light entering your eyepiece. Reduces glare whilst increasing contrast so perfect for observing bright objects such as the Moon or certain planets. Light transmission can be varied from 40% down to as little as 1%. No colour caste!

For LOCAL sale only - £15 and £20 respectively. Contact: Robin Wilkey - Try before you buy offered!


Axiom LX Eyepieces 7mm and 10mm - 82° AFoV - 1.25" fitting

These Celestron 7mm and 10mm eyepieces have now been rebranded as 'Luminos' eyepieces, they have the following features:

82 degree Field - Wide FOV for high and low magnifications.
Fully multicoated, edge blackened optics - for maximum light transmission and high contrast.
Retractible eyecups - Ultra-low profile for eyeglass wearers - They have 12mm eye relief.
Parfocal eyepiece - Little or no focusing is needed when changing from low to high power.
Threaded barrels - Accepts 1.25" thread-in filters.
Polished and hard anodised Aluminium barrel - Scratch resistant and high end appearance.
Rubber gripping ring - For secure handling and smooth control of eyecup.

They come with original dust caps and boxes.

For LOCAL sale only - £50 each ono. Contact: Robin Wilkey - Try before you buy offered!